Brandi Fano broke out of  generational patterns of dysfunction, disease, and divorce, and fought for her freedom. After enduring trauma and pain through the first two decades of her life, Brandi decided to create an experience of wholeness. Since making the commitment to changing her future, she has drastically shifted into a state of optimal wellness and energy, applying the methods of success she’s learned and developed. Brandi went from broke and in debt to thriving in business, with companies she built from the ground up exceeding a million dollars annually. She has a thriving marriage to her husband of fourteen years and they have three beautiful children who have been raised completely drug/medicine free. She is authentically living her best life, and on a mission to help others do the same. In this episode, we talk about having faith, giving up something good for something great, taking charge of your health, taking charge of your future and so much more.

What was the turning point that broke you out of generational patterns of dysfunction?

blankAt one point, Brandi hit rock bottom and got close to taking her own life. In that darkness, however, there was a tiny glimmer of hope that hinted at a completely different, better life. It doesn’t take a lot of faith to spark a change. Even the smallest amount can potentially lead to a dramatic transformation. Ultimately, what we believe deep inside becomes reality.

What actions did you take to turn your life around?

One day, Brandi decided to make some big changes in her life, starting with calling off a wedding that she knew in her heart would not lead to her long-term happiness. There was seemingly no rhyme or reason to many of the decisions she made at that point—she simply followed her heart. As the black sheep in her family, she dreamed of breaking the mold and forging her own path. And because she never had a guide or role model for success growing up, instead of asking herself, “What do I want?” she asked, “What don’t I want.” With this question as her starting point, Brandi wiped the slate clean and began recreating herself.

How did you make the switch to living a healthy lifestyle?

Brandi never put much focus on her health (physically, mentally, etc.) in the past. Once she became aware that she needed to make big changes in her life, one of the first things she decided on was to live drug and medicine-free. She did a lot of research into healthy foods and adjusted her eating habits accordingly. Today, she thrives on a purely organic, plant-based diet.

What’s the difference between something that’s “good” for you versus something “great”?

For Brandi, a good life is a comfortable life. On the outside, you may be seen as a happy, successful individual. However, at home you catch yourself staring out the window dreaming of what-ifs. You ask yourself the question, “Could there be more?” This is exactly how she felt during her previous engagement. Calling off the wedding was a fateful decision, and she was shunned by many following her choice. Nothing seemed to make sense from that point going forward; but eventually, Brandi met the love of her life. Today, she can’t imagine a more perfect partner for her.

What’s the importance of a healthy spine?

Brandi likes to look at the spine as the “breaker box” of the body. If there’s a single misalignment in the spine, communication is cut from the brain to that particular part of the body. Once the spine is in alignment, life force can then flow: the brain can communicate to the body without interference. Every part of your being can now thrive and work at its optimal potential.

How do you live a lifestyle by design and not by default?

Intentionality is the key. Stop simply going through the motions. Staying in balance, paying attention to your body’s rest and repair, unplugging, and immersing yourself in nature are just a few major factors to become intentional about. Burnout is also an issue that can creep up on you if you’re not intentional about maintaining balance. It’s possible to run a successful business and raise a family; but once it all comes at the expense of your health, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities, go back to the basics, and perhaps look for ways to leverage your time while continuing to do the things you love. In short, lifestyle design is a lifelong process, and it all starts from within.

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