As a Coach and seeker (like you), I’m always looking to learn from new leaders, teachers and colleagues. Listening to the experiences of others is how we expand our point of view and explore deeper insights into our own lives.
I’m excited to introduce the beginning of my interview series! I’ll be asking thought leaders in the self-help and business spheres all about life, goals, and success – and I’m thrilled to share these conversations with you.
Today, I’m talking to the Creator of alignyo, Liz Eustace.
I met Liz a few years ago, when she was the regional brand manager at lululemon athletica. After a decade of working in the business of yoga, she launched an awesome online community about yoga called alignyo. With a mission to make yoga fun and accessible for everyone, Liz is passionate about getting people on the mat. alignyo shares nutritional tips, product reviews, at home videos and local class reviews. She’s an incredible entrepreneur, wife, mother and friend.

Here’s some insight from Liz:

Anna: How did you take the leap to starting your own business?
Liz: It was organic – from a place of sharing information. I had taken hundreds of yoga classes when I was marketing and pre-branding stores for lululemon. When I left lulu, people kept reaching out to ask about great classes all over the east coast of America.

I had this ‘A-ha!’ moment when I realized that for New York, I could suggest a class with Elena Brower on a Saturday and Dana Flynn on a Sunday, and that person would leave NYC having taken ‘drop in’ classes with two of the best teachers in the country. It was powerful – so the leap was made.

Anna: Who do you admire?
Liz: My husband – because he comes through the door at the end of every day with a smile and boundless energy. He is ridiculously generous with his spirit and makes me laugh – even with twelve hour days, raising two kids in New York, our 90 pound golden retriever…he’s just the best person I know.
Anna: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
Liz: Brutally, I have to say my phone. I’m not proud of that, but I’m not sure how else I would do it all.
Anna: What’s the motto you live by?
Liz: Get out of your own way! Open your heart and do it. You will never fail if you do.
I’m a big believer that when you do what aligns with your natural strengths and talents, it makes it easier for you to achieve success. Liz’s ability to clearly define her passion enabled her to launch her own business.

Sometimes it takes courage, other times it comes from simply listening and being creatively tuned into your own life.

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