Aug 13
August 13, 2013

Easy Gym Motivation

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You used to go to the gym. Now, you’re busy. I mean, after all, you do work all day. The last thing you want to do is hit the gym after a long day at the office (yawn).

Once you get home, you want to plop down on the couch, put your feet up, unwind and watch the tube.

So how do you motivate yourself to go to the gym?

Don’t think about exercising — just get yourself to the gym. Once you’re at the gym, your body will adapt to the environment and it will be easier to exercise.

Your body is an adaptable mechanical machine that you have control of. It adapts to the environment you put it in. If you put your body in a better environment (physically, emotionally or mentally) your body will respond to it.

Put yourself into the environment of where you want to be already exists.

Showing up is half the battle. Take control of your adaptable mechanical machine. Put it in gear and stomp on that Stairmaster, or try twisting in a fitness class.

You can do it. Just get your body there and everything else will take care of itself.