Gina Molinari is an online marketing strategist and public speaking Coach. She helps people confidently communicate themselves and their businesses, so they can make a massive impact with their work.  Her unique background as a classically-trained singer.. gives her an edge with helping people communicate with confidence. She is a graduate of the Facilitator in Training program through Next Level Trainings and obsessed with personal and professional development. 

What sparked your passion for communication?

blankGina’s original dream from a young age was to be an opera singer. For the longest time, however, she was on the fence about turning her passion for singing into a profession. She truly loved performing—she just couldn’t imagine doing it for a living. Gina got to the point where she realized that she needed to reevaluate her life plan. She tried tackling the business side of the arts by pursuing a Masters Degree in Arts Administration. Even here, however, Gina still felt as if she didn’t belong. At this point, she decided that she had to take a step back and discover what satisfied her on a deeper level beyond singing or the arts. After a lot of soul searching, Gina came to the conclusion that her true passion was communication and connection. She loved influencing others by sending meaningful messages. Singing certainly did that; but for Gina, the sense of fulfillment she experienced was less about the performance and more on how it impacted her audience.

How did your interest in communication and connection lead to your becoming a coach?

Now that Gina had discovered her true passion, she dug deeper and realized that she loved the psychology of language underlying human communication. She found satisfaction in uncovering deeper meanings within other people’s conversations by honing in on the details: the words, tonality, and body language that people use when they communicate. The way you communicate is, according to Gina, “a red flag into your psyche.”

What happened to your level of confidence after deciding you wanted to be a coach?

Gina’s confidence soared once she discovered her life’s purpose. All the guilt she had previously felt for pivoting so much in the past disappeared. It also helps that Gina is in the business of improving the confidence of others via leadership development and nurturing one’s emotional intelligence. Gina surmised that every failure or “dead-end” she had experienced up until that point was only leading her closer to uncovering her passion for communication. In other words, she changed her mindset around what these past experiences meant to her. Instead of “failure”, Gina thinks of these experiences as “market research”. In other words, waiting until you become successful is not the key to confidence. Instead, staying consistent with doing the work it takes to reach your goal—failures and all—inspires confidence within you by default.

How did you come to the realization that success is in your control?

There’s this idea in emotional intelligence work that you get to take responsibility for everything in your life. This includes taking responsibility for failure, but it doesn’t mean that you need to feel guilty. Instead, this means that, while you can’t always control the outcome of something, you can always control your response to it. The bottom line is: “It’s always my choice.” Don’t blame “lack of time” for your failures, either. Blame your lack of priorities, instead. You, and only you, can choose to prioritize those things that will make you successful.

What made you decide to prioritize your health and lose weight?

Gina learned that her business would mean nothing if she didn’t take care of herself. Once she prioritized her health, everything else followed. By focusing on this one thing, Gina had renewed energy to tackle every other priority down her list. An accountability group also makes a huge difference! Finally, confidence through consistency once again plays a part here. Results may not be as quick as you want, but it helps to look back and see how much has improved since you started. It all paid off for Gina: She lost 60 pounds.


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