Hattie Brazeley is a copywriter and she helps you make money with her words. Hattie believes copywriting is a big part for people starting their business. Not only does she copy write, she helps and trains other people to do copywriting for their business as well.

Hattie BrazeleyWhat is the difference between copywriting and standard writing?

Copywriting is writing with influence, persuasion and encouraging people to take action you want them to take so they end up using your services. In today’s online world, copywriting is very important, as you cannot have many face-to-face meetings with all your possible/potential clients. So writing something to encourage them, to persuade them to use your service is an important part of every business.

What are the key tricks to write with influence?

Fundamentals of copywriting are to understand your ideal/dream clients. Start by knowing where your ideal clients are now and where they see themselves in the future. Then write in a way, which helps them to believe and trust in your services. This practice is the corner store of everything you will write for your business.

What process do you take your clients through?

Hattie takes her clients through a five-step process so her clients can find their ideal clients.

She asks her clients to brainstorm, to write their thoughts on paper and to ask the following five questions from themselves.

1.) Where is your ideal client at the point when they first reach out to you? How did they reach out to you? Was it through Facebook, advertisement or webinar you did for your business?

2.) Where your client desires to be in relation to how you can help them, what is success to them? You should be able to convey and tell them you understand them and when you are able to do that, you will build trust with your client.

3.) What is holding your client from achieving success on his or her own, without your support?

4.) What has ultimately triggered your ideal client to want to take action at this point? What was the reason? Was there an external stimulus involved or was it something intrinsic?

5.) What would be the ultimate consequence for their clients, and what is at stake if they do nothing from this point onward?

Hattie believes acknowledging people’s discomfort and pain is a strong way to influence them so they check out your products and services,

Hattie recommends business owners to do this process whenever they are coming with new program, because for every new program, you will have different ideal clients. You need to understand where people are at, and where they want to be. Ideal clients are not static; you will not be doing it for once, it is a constant exercise in your business if you want to stay at the top.

How did you manage to have a rapid start to your business?

Hattie says she was an active Facebook user and used the group feature to market herself and her services in the initial phase. She also pinpointed problems multiple people had when starting their business and found out it was all about finding the ideal client for them. Therefore, she reached out to these people and told them she could help them. Hattie herself was not sure if her methods would work out, so she gave free sessions to people in the beginning. She worked through a certain process with these clients and asked them if by the end of the process they felt she had helped them, they could give her a testimony on her website. Many people were interested in this free session but ultimately she gave it to five people because she did not want to overcommit herself. There were some major breakthroughs and naturally, people started reaching out to her. Many a times her clients would recommend Hattie to their friends and as a result, her business grew. People started approaching her for this ‘ideal client discovery’ process and asked her how they could use it in their copywriting. Many people asked Hattie if she could copy write for them. One particular day someone on Facebook asking her to rewrite her sales page tagged her. The person herself was Kimra Luna (http://kimraluna.com/) and the revised sale page helped Kimra her about $60,000 from her sale page. Kimra helped her in gaining more popularity. She shared Hattie’s details with her community, which eventually helped Hattie’s business growth.

What books or websites do you use as resource?

Hattie prefers to follow people online rather than reading books. She is a big fan of David Ogilvy, Ray Edwards, and Kendrick Shope whose program sales school Hattie believes is worth every penny. Her advices the listeners not to stick more with books rather look at what people are doing in the industry,

What is that one word or phrase that she thinks is compelling from a copywriting perspective?

Hattie particularly likes the word ‘reveal’ and says it has something to do with the literal meaning of the word. For her, whenever this word is used, it means something intriguing is about to be told and she loves the imagery that goes with this word.

How we can connect with her?

Her website’s URL is:

Website: http://www.hattiebrazeley.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/hattiebrazeley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hattie.brazeley