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How did you get featured in The New York Times at the beginning of your coaching career?

It happened after her coach training program. She was very excited after finishing the program as she felt she found her life-purpose through that program. She was the youngest woman in the program. However, she put in all of her passion, energy and time in the program. She was able to grow her coaching practice quickly. The head of the school where Jeannine was undergoing her training was approached for the article and was asked if he wanted to refer somebody to feature in the magazine. He referred Jeannine and she invited the interviewer to receive her coaching rather than opting for a conventional interview. Jeannine feels it is difficult to put in words the art of coaching and that is why she thought it would be better if she invited the interviewer for a coaching session. The interviewer attended several of her coaching sessions and wrote in a very positive manner about Jeannine and her business. He also put her photo as the cover photo of the whole article.

blankDid you ever have limiting beliefs about becoming a life coach?

Before becoming a life coach, Jeannine tried her luck in acting and become a theatre artist. Her niche as a performer was to play silly characters. She was always playing a blonde with a high-pitched voice. One of the reasons Jeannine left acting was because she did not found her purpose in it. She felt she was not able to put an accurate representation of her personality through acting.

Do you think having a difficult childhood helped you access your inner wisdom?

Jeannine is not sure if having a difficult childhood can always help you access inner wisdom. Jeannine thinks there are a lot of factors that can contribute towards wisdom. Jeannine thinks the fact that contributed to her inner wisdom was her participation in her father’s meetings. From a very early age, she would go on meetings with her father. One of the things all the participants did in the meetings was to share their life stories. They would talk about their feelings, about their challenges and various other things. Jeannine learned a lot through these meetings and believes it gave her an access to the wisdom of self-reflection, self-responsibility, self-healing, and self-potential. She would see people who had gone through the worse circumstances in their lives and were somehow able to recover from their worst times.

What were your parents addicted to?

Jeannine says her parents were almost addicted to all drugs. Her father was one of the most famous drug dealers in Long Beach. He did cocaine, PCP, speed(Amphetamine) and meth.

How did you realize you were not meant to be an actor?

Jeannine felt something was out of order in her life when she got part in her first Broadway show. It did not feel the way she thought it would feel. It started to feel like a job to her. There was this whole part of her that she was not able to showcase in that career. She felt like she put in a lot of her energy, time and passion in her acting career but the results were not always favorable. Luck also played its role and Jeannine was not able to land herself a job for various plays despite performing well in the auditions. A lot of her experiences intrinsically and extrinsically did not line up with what she hoped for herself and she started to realize acting was not something she was meant to do for the rest of her life.

When did coaching come under your radar?

She came across coaching after watching a few videos of Tony Robbins. Someone recommend her to watch a few of Tony Robbins videos to deal with stress and improve her confidence as a performer. Jeannine thinks some of Tony Robbins work and practices do not work for her anymore as they are more aligned with the opposite gender. She has learned to honor the meaning of being a woman. However, she still recalls how listening to Tony Robbins used to make her feel empowered.

What is your favorite coaching question?

She has a collection of these six specific questions that she asks from clients most of who are women. Most of these women are so driven and passionate of wanting to do more. The questions she asks are to acknowledge the hard work that her clients have put in at some point in their past. One of the questions she asks from her client is how they have changed in the process.

As a coach, how do you help people who are not sure what success means to them?

Jeannine usually asks the opposite of success and what it means to them if they are not able to figure what it means to be successful. Jeannine thinks ultimately it is our own choice to not know about things. When her clients are not able to share their views on a certain topic or what something means to them, it is indicative of the fact that they are not open or searching.

What have you been up to recently?

After that article came out in the New York Times, a lot of women approached Jeannine. They saw her and felt like she was relatable to them. A lot of women thought that if she could do what she was able to do in her life as a coach, they too could do it as well. Jeannine realized she had a gift to help other women achieve the same in their lives. Over the years she has helped a lot of women and men launch their coaching business. She still does this day in and day out. Jeannine has been running this coaching program for women for five years.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Jeannine says she is constantly seeking mentorship from different people and there is a lot of useful advice that she has received from them over the years. The best advice she has ever been given was from her grandmother who once said to her the following words

“Do not live life in the fast lane and do not live life in the slow lane”. Middle lane is the place to be. She did not get it back then, but what it actually meant was that one needs to be there in the middle ground and get to soak up the best of both worlds.

How can we connect with you?

You can find more about her work through her website. She shares coaching tools, techniques and self-care rituals on her website. Her website’s URL is


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