Can you believe we are already nearing the end of 2014?!

We hear that the holiday season is, “The most wonderful time of the year,” but many of us feel like, “It’s the most stressful time of the year.” I know for me, this holiday is particularly challenging for me given lots of changes occurring in my personal life.

For many, the biggest source of stress is family. While these are people that we love, family relationships are complicated and naturally it can trigger feelings of things we struggled with in our past.

Are you wondering how to handle holiday stress? Whatever you focus on, you feel. If you focus on how your family annoys you, you will feel annoyed. If you focus on how grateful you are for your family, you will feel grateful. It’s really that simple. Focus is power.


Typically, we focus on what we don’t like, what we don’t have, and how we wish things were different. And then, we wonder why we feel bad! How can we shift from a place of my (fill in the family member: mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.) getting on my nerves, to a place where we can connect with the love we have for them?

That’s why I recorded this special holiday gift for you: a guided meditation to allow you to shift your focus from a place of stress to a place of love. It’s inspired by Tony Robbins emotional flood exercise. You can listen to the guided meditation here: CLICK HERE to LISTEN

In addition, I encourage you to get clear on how you want to feel this holiday session. Here’s a quick and easy exercise.

Pick one feeling you want to feel and focus on that. Answer the questions with as much specificity as possible.

This holiday season, I want to feel: (name positive emotion)

If I felt __________, how would my body feel?

If I felt __________, what would I be thinking?

If I felt __________, what would I be doing?

For example, here’s mine:

This holiday season, I want to feel: inner peace.

If I felt inner peace, my body would feel relaxed. My shoulders would be down, my breath would be deeper and fuller, and I would stand tall.

If I felt inner peace, I would be thinking about how grateful I am. I would focus more on all the things I have: my love for work, heat in my apartment in the cold, a baby boy that’s is on it’s way, supportive friends and the ability to help others.

If I felt inner peace, I would be acknowledging and complimenting others on their greatness. I would open my heart and share more personal things going on in my life.

Don’t forget to listen to my free guided meditation! It’s only a few minutes and can allow you to experience a wonderful shift in your heart from stress to love. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Share how you want to feel this holiday season in the comments below.

Wishing you Happy Holiday’s! Many blessings!


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