Aug 04
August 4, 2016


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“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to continually thrown out of the nest.” — Pema Chodron


Selfie in Uber

Last week I took an Uber from NYC to Teaneck, NJ where we filmed an MTV episode for an upcoming show.

MTV invited me, as a coach, to talk about confidence and self-esteem. While I was prepping for the interview, I wrote down my definition of confidence and the steps to achieve it.

Here’s the definition I came up with:

Confidence is being able to embrace the unknown. It’s the willingness to take action despite fear and it’s the belief that you can handle the outcome. Feeling confident is the result of taking action. It does not come before action.

When I was prepping for the interview, I was thinking to myself that is exactly what I am doing with this interview; embracing the unknown.

I don’t have much experience being on TV and I have never been on a TV show before. I was excited and also scared.

I showed up for the shoot and it was different than I expected. I actually did a little bit of acting!

Let me be clear, I am NOT an actor. But I totally got into it and was acting — for the first time.

The key lesson is to do what you have never done before, and you will build your confidence along the way. Having a growth mindset is really the key to confidence.

I’ll let you know the details about the show and when I hear back from the producer.

Now I would love to hear from you. What is something you’re excited to do and also afraid of? Don’t wait to feel confident to do it — take action and as a result, you will build your confidence