Jairek Robbins is a renowned performance coach and motivational speaker. He helps people achieve their true potential and optimal performance.

How do you build mental and emotional resilience?

Jairek RobbinsJairek starts by looking at an individual and see what is needed to maximize all of who they are. Most of it does not look very appealing because he starts at the basic level. When we talk about mental resilience, we can start at the most basic level. If he tries to maximize someone’s performance in what they can produce in day-to-day life, what they can produce that they are best at, in their career or family but then take sleep away from someone, it would immediately drop their performance. So even simple steps can be taken to improve performance and to understand that a performance of an individual is affected by the simplest of things and inhibits them to perform up to their potential. He test resilience in different ways.

How do you get someone to be the most resilient form of themselves?

Individuals need the right amount of sleep, right nutrition and they need to be moving to build the mind and the body. These are the three basics steps an individual should follow to become the most resilient form of themselves. Once the basic three steps are followed, the next level is achieving total mental clarity, to be able to sit at a place for some time and have the ability to free your mind from every thought. You should be able to control your state. You should be able to take yourself from feeling down to motivate yourself. Finally, it all comes down to designing a life you are meant to live and not following a template someone else gave to you. The strongest people in this world live life on their own terms. They live life according to what they believe is right, how they believe it is right and the way they want to live it. Such people have the ability to go where they want to when they want it and how they want it. These people follow specific techniques that help them build the strongest version of themselves. They find meaning in everything they do; they surround themselves with a powerful peer group, which continuously challenges them and their beliefs.

How would you recommend someone to change his or her habits to build mental resilience?

Three important things make or break a habit.

  • Queue or trigger, something that sets off the pattern into motion
  • Routine
  • There should be a reward linked with a habit.

These three things combined break or build a habit and the reality is you never break a habit or get rid of it you just replace it. Whenever you want to build a habit, first figure out all the habits and see which are building you and which are breaking you. The question you should always ask yourself is what exactly you are not doing and should start doing immediately.

How much do you think mental resilience helps in embracing challenges at a higher level?

As you progress through life, you will face more and more challenges. The reason it feels like a challenge at a higher level is that you have not done anything similar to that before. Even the simplest of tasks seem like a challenge when we do it for the first time. The fact is that when we go through something for the first time and if we look at the brain waves, there is a huge spike in the beginning of the task indicating an increased mental activity.

How can we fill the gap from where we are to where we want to go and how can we maintain the momentum for this process?

It totally depends on the individual. Important thing is falling in love with the process and people who fail to do so end up quitting. Jairek shares a few examples like how the soldiers in Special Forces are trained and only the top notch is selected. They put these individuals under so much stress and that in turns make them mentally resilient. People who quit during such processes are never meant for it. You should really figure out what you really love to do, something that you can do well. Jairek also tells about an article that he wrote a few years ago for Huffington post in which he talked about falling in love with hard work. Inevitably, we will have moments in our life where we will have to embrace challenges and in such situations, we can either suffer or fall in love with the process

Is there an end to self-improvement? When is a good time to invest in self-improvement?

As a human being, you can always improve. It costs nothing to be a nice human, everyday try to be nice to people around yourself. It does not cost you a dime and you make difference in the life of a complete stranger. As far as second question is concerned, the right time to invest depends on what stage of journey you are on. One should always start with the basics, things that can help you to be fulfilled and happy. Read more books, YouTube video, use resources, which can help you to lead a good life. When you are done with the basics, that is when you should ask yourself the question as to how you could excel in your life, perform to your full potential, be the best of who you can be. That is when you should find yourself a coach. Someone who could help you massively to improve your performance. If by the end of your personal coaching, your performance has made you more money, has made you happy, it means you spent your money well.

How we can connect with him?

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Listeners are recommended to read a book that Jairek wrote a few years ago which discuss about living a life with purpose and achieving maximum productivity in your life.

The name of the book is: ‘Book: LIVE IT!: Achieve Success By Living With Purpose.’


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