Jillian Turecki is a yoga teacher and a certified coach. Through her tough life experiences, Jillian has empowered herself to understand her own emotional patterns and that is how she helps others as well. She is certified by the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention/Coaching. Jillian helps individuals, couples and families in finding solutions to their problems.


Anna (host of the podcast) has known Jillian for a very long time. They lived in the same building, would often see each other and interact on routine basis. Podcast starts with Jillian sharing a story that took place three years ago on June 3, 2014 when Anna saw her sitting on a bench outside the building. Jillian looked devastated and as a friend, Anna tried to console her.

That day would have been the second wedding anniversary of Jillian but just a day ago, her husband broke up with her and that too on a phone. Jillian recently had a miscarriage, her mom was suffering from lung cancer (mesothelioma), and she was left shattered with this news. Anna sat there with her and they had this particular conversation which was about to reach its conclusion when Anna suggested Jillian to become a coach and mentioned about following Tony Robbins. Jillian recalls that memory and remembers back then, it made no sense as to why Anna suggested her to follow Tony Robbins and become a coach herself. Over the course of next few days, Anna sent her a few videos of Tony Robbins and watching those videos helped Jillian to start a new chapter of her life.

What in the video helped you to start a new beginning?

The video she often watched was about an intervention. That video is also a part of Tony Robbins coaching. He talks about an older woman who had become very masculine over the years because of the beliefs she had about her father and her sister. The beliefs were quite limiting. He talked a lot about masculine and feminine energy and the extreme pain you undergo when you are not living in accordance with what you really ought to be, whom you really feel in the core. The questions he asked and his ability to read patterns is incredible. Jillian loved the fact that Tony Robbins videos were always on point and very easy to understand. She started watching his videos regularly.

Throughout this transformative journey, Anna helped Jillian as a life coach as well. She was the one who encouraged Jillian to enroll and become a coach herself. The events that led to Jillian’s separation from her husband greatly helped her to bring about a positive transformation in her life and help others around her.

How did you manage to turn your grief into driving force for bringing a positive transformation in your life?

Jillian says it has not been easy to overcome her trials and tribulations. She believes the strategy to follow when going through enormous grief is to let yourself feel the grief, to acknowledge what has happened with you. That is one way to become emotionally resilient. If you stuff the feelings, if you do not embrace the challenges and difficulties you face, it will come back stronger. Jillian always believes in performing some ritual when undergoing such an experience. A ritual can be anything you do on daily basis; it can vary from person to person. For Jillian, it was watching and following Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge program. She did this thirty-minute ritual every morning.

How has your relationship with your parents impacted your belief system?

Jillian believes parents play an important role in our belief system. She shares her personal story of how her mother was always very gracious to everyone who would do something good for her even if it were something very small. Jillian developed this belief earlier in her life that it was very important for her to be gracious as well. Similarly, she developed another belief because of the fact she did not get enough attention from her father as a child. Growing up, she thought she had to act a certain way to get attention from men and get their love. Her father was a successful child psychiatrist and he wrote a book. The book was a huge success but surprisingly it was inspired directly by Jillian and the name of the book was ‘The difficult child’. Jillian thinks she was a kid with high amount of sensitivity. She grew up in a home where her parents did not get along. That affected her personality; she had poor sleeping and eating patterns. As a kid, all she knew was that there was a book written about her and she grew up with this limiting belief that she must be a difficult person with strange traits, that she was difficult to get along and there was a book out there to prove it with her name in it. Jillian thinks this belief had a major impact on her relationship with her husband and other men.

What is your advice to people who want to feel positive but cannot? How can they make that shift?

If you are someone who in unwelcoming situations has a tendency to say to yourself or to others to stay positive, you should stop that because it triggers the opposite behavior. It will only make you feel more depressed. Jillian thinks that if someone is in undesirable state, the first thing they should ask themselves is the reason, which brought them to it. Sometimes, we have no option but to accept and embrace grief. The coaching Jillian is trained into is called ‘strategic intervention.’

It is based upon six basic human needs. These are psychological needs and they exist in every person regardless of age, gender, culture, religion and economic status. They change in terms of where you are in life but they remain six. First four are the needs of the personality and we as human-being will do anything to get them.

The 6 Human Needs

  1. Certainty. It is the need to feel safe, secure and know what is coming for us. We always want to know what lies ahead for us in future.
  2. Uncertainty/Variety. As humans, we often love surprises and if everything was certain and known, we would be bored so we need a certain level of uncertainty in our lives as well. Life is actually very uncertain, but we want its uncertainty in our own way.
  3. Every human needs to feel important and unique so they get a feeling that they matter.
  4. Love and Connection. Jillian believe it is the most important need. We all crave love and connection.
  5. The need of the soul, we need to grow, anything that does not grow die so we need to feel we are growing. Opposite of growth is being stuck at something and whenever we are stuck, we feel sad.
  6. Contribution. As humans, we need to contribute outside of ourselves. That is what we are wired to do, that differentiates us from other animals.

If you are feeling a low vibe, you are frustrated or angry for some reason and you do not feel like being positive, it means one of your needs is not being fulfilled. Figure out why you are not feeling positive, make the decision, snap out of it because you deserve to be in a high vibe state and the quickest way to do this is to move your body in some way because that always worked for Jillian.

“Life is not simple, it’s not easy. But it really is what you make of it”-Jillian Turecki.

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