Jan 24
January 24, 2014

Know Your Sign, Know Yourself

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Astrology tips to help guide your way.

ARIES: You know exactly how to get your way Master Aries, however sometimes the “getting” drives the ones you love in the opposite direction. Never let go of that decisive attitude, it’s the best of who you are! But make sure you don’t forget to smooth around the edges a little. Not everyone has as tough of skin as you do!

TAURUS: Your loyalty is fierce, sensual Taurus! No matter how tough it gets, you persist. But there is one key ingredient missing to all that magic and that is your vulnerability. We all know it’s under there, below all that dry sarcasm and stoic pride. We need you to let it out! Your loved ones will greatly appreciate it!

GEMINI: What quick wit you have smarty-pants Gemini! You speak and people listen, because you know how to sell anything! The only problem is, you’re addicted to hoarding all the facts! You are like a sponge! You mentally absorb everything, but you can’t always have the last word. Others have information to share too. And besides, it would be exhausting to know it all!

CANCER: Home is where the heart is, nurturing Cancer and you always bring your heart. With every meal you cook, every project you create and every song you sing. But sometimes your heart gets cranky—really cranky. Let’s face it, you get in your moods and it’s not pretty. Make sure you communicate with the one’s you love. Let them know when a mood wave is coming on. This way they can ride the tide and give you the space you need.

LEO: Party time! Open the wine, pump the music and pop the bubbly. Oh sassy Leo, you always bring the luxury, that’s for sure. Not only do you know how to splurge, you also know how to shine. But be very careful not to over do it in both departments! If you shop too much, you’ll be broke. And if you over shine, your arrogance will spill over. Stay classy and stay real!

VIRGO: Simplicity is where it’s at for you analytical Virgo! You love to strip everything down to it’s purest form. It’s one of the many tools you use to be of service in your community. However, beware! Sometimes this need to purify your environment can bring out your critical, skeptical, and perfectionist sides. No wonder you worry so much! Don’t forget to let go and play once in a while!

LIBRA: If the picture frame is crooked, you will straighten it out! And on Ladies Night, you bring the best fashion choices from earrings to shoes. Yes, harmonious Libra, balance and beauty is your middle name! However, your talents in seeing both sides can be a blessing and a curse! Your indecisive personality can definitely create anxiety. You just can’t make up your mind! Don’t be afraid to make a choice and run with it! Life’s too short!

SCORPIO: Transformation is your daily detoxifier sexy Scorpio! You have a deep desire to emotionally connect with others and through that, be the force they need for psychological change. Cultivating intimacy is your natural gift. But your obsession with merging can create sex addiction, emotional dependency and toxic energy in your relationships. Remember to be the Force, not the Freak!

SAGITTARIUS: Teaching the world is your mission in life, soulful Sagittarius! You sing your ideas, you blog your ideas and you preach your ideas to anyone who will listen!  You are a master philosopher, but sometimes you are not the best presenter. Make sure you articulate your opinions in a way that doesn’t offend others and have all your facts in place. Your blunt, impulsive expression can rub people the wrong way. Think before you preach!

CAPRICORN: Your public image means everything to you, ambitious Capricorn! You will work your butt off to climb the ladder that will bring you to your dreams. You love creating structure with everything you do, literally and figuratively. And as you build, you rise.  But be careful. Don’t let it all get to your head. Pretentious energy will poison your successes and trying to be perfect will stress you out. Stay focused not fame hungry.

AQUARIUS: You are the friendliest sign of the zodiac, wandering Aquarius! You love to give back to the world through innovation and out of the box solutions. Boredom and unoriginality make you cringe which would be great, if it didn’t have some negative side effects. Your fear of commitment needs to be worked out. Don’t be afraid to stay in one place for a while and be a little predictable. You never know, you could learn a thing or two.

PISCES: Oh dreamy Pisces, you have the biggest heart there is and you always give unconditionally. To you, life is all about living out your dreams! Believing in the unbelievable and never giving up hope. But there is a dark side to all this light. When reality slaps you in the face, like it always does, it tends to sting you more than any other sign. This triggers your need to escape. Make sure when you do, you find healthy ways to retreat. Wipe clean those rose colored glasses too, so you can really see the truth.


Astrology life tipsJennifer Marie Forchelli (aka The Astro Therapist) is a spiritual teacher and professional Astrologer who has been doing Birth Chart readings for over 15 years. Jennifer’s specific niche is in the area of Psychological Astrology and supporting her clients in healing all kinds of relationships in their life through the information found in the day they were born.