I watched this video and was so inspired by it I wanted to share it with you.

I grew up going to a Montessori school. It was different than a traditional school environment. I called my teachers by their first name, manage my own schedule, and worked with hands on materials to learn. I absolutely loved school because creativity and independence was encouraged. When I switched to public school, I hated it. I was criticized for not doing things the way “everyone else” was doing it. In montessori school if you are excelling at something, you go to the next level. In public schools when you excel at something they ask for you to meet the needs of where the other students are. I felt like I was stuck in a system I just didn’t like.

I believe one of the many reasons why I’m an entrepreneur now, is because of the love I had for creativity, learning and doing things that worked well for me inspired by Montessori education. At a very young age, I learned to follow my flow without limits.

If you want to go beyond any limitations, you must be willing to challenge the “system” and go outside the box. In this talk,  Logan LaPlante talks about a Hacker mindset.

He says, “Hackers are people who challenge and change the systems to make them work differently, make them work differently. It’s just how they think. It’s a mindset.”

Find those areas in your life that you feel get you in the zone and let the creativity flow. Where in your life can you be a Hacker?

Watch this video now:

[youtube id=”h11u3vtcpaY”]