The ego limits you. It takes you away from what’s going on right Now. It tells you stories about the past and the future.

It might justify with stories you can’t have what you want with reasons. It tells you stories about your past failures.

Conversations of the ego makes it difficult to see what is going on in the present moment and it may cause you to lose focus. If your thoughts are racing fast, take a deep breath and tune into your “Inner Body.”

The voice of the ego can be loud and mean. Sometimes it might make fun of you. Don’t let it have power over you, and don’t believe what it says.

The inner voice is pure and good. Sometimes it’s hard for me to hear this voice (especially when the beast gets loud).

When you quiet you mind and listen to my inner voice – it guides you to the best response in every situation. This voice knows what to do and when to do it.

The inner voice doesn’t doubt, it’s trustworthy and has good intentions. It lets you be who are and allows you to be your best.

It knows exactly where you are and you are you are going. The voice is connected to your heart and soul. The inner voice is happy with you.

Then, the Ego gets quiet. You begin to hear your inner voice and trust yourself. It’s getting louder, and it’s healing me. This voice loves me and wants the best for me (and for others too).

You can have what you want if you listen to your inner voice and let it guide you.

Thank the ego for visiting and reminding I’m not my thoughts or who I think I am.

Step into the present moment and tune into your personal power now.

The inner essence is you and love who you are.