I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning my thoughts aren’t about cherry blossoms and peaches. I have to work to improve the quality of my thoughts. I do this by meditating, reading, learning wisdom from teachers and listening to inspirational talks.

That’s why I’m hosting a live event in NYC: Summer Awakening: Inspiration for Your Soul.

Join me for a night of motivational talks + a live panel with wellness coaches, Jennifer Racioppi, Caroline Zwick, and Nadya Andreeva. The panel will be emceed by the fabulous and creative storyteller, Elizabeth Blue.

It will be followed by a Q+A panel where you can get your questions answered and live coaching on the spot! If you’re wondering how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, we’ll be sure to give you the tools to do so.

summer awakening

We will share the real, messy details of our journeys and the most powerful shifts that we have taken to get us to where we are now:

  • Deeply aligned with our purpose
  • Running a successful business we love
  • Experiencing kick-ass romance
  • Healing digestion and feeling amazing in our body
  • Enjoying freedom in our day-to-day life

Summer Awakening will be a night of inspiration for creating the life you know is possible for you.

Learn more + details <== Register here! 

You’ll connect with a community of like-minded New York City women who aren’t settling for the status quo — who KNOW that being satisfied in every area of life is possible.

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Hope to see you soon!