I used to be so consumed with thinking. I would think so much that I could barely sleep at night. Then, I would drink wine or take an ambien just so I could get a few hours of sleep.

Someone once said to me, “You seem like a lost puppy.” And the truth was, it was how I felt. I couldn’t seem to put the pieces of my life together. Overthinking had me on a path that led to nowhere.

Do you get stuck in analysis paralysis?

The biggest turning point for me was when I was able to make the distinction between the voice in my head (Ego) vs. the voice of my intuition. From there, I was able to make new decisions which resulted in new outcomes.

In this video I share with you how to make the distinction between the voice in your head (Ego) and the voice of your intuition. Click video to watch.

Most people are so identified with the voice in their head that is conditioned by the past: your upbringing, culture, family background, and so on, that they reacting to something that is not incongruent with what their heart truly desires.

The way my ego and intuition shows up might be different from yours. Here are a few general ways of understanding the distinction between ego and intuition.

1. Dialogue (My ego voice is repetitive and tells me I’m not enough and my intuition is simple and encouraging)
2. Pace (My Ego voice is fast and my intuition speaks slowly)
3. Tone (My Ego voice is harsh and my intuition voice is kind)
4. Volume (My Ego voice is loud and my intuition is quiet)
5. Location (My Ego voice feels like it’s coming from my head and my intuition feels like it’s coming from my belly, gut or heart)

All in all, it’s a practice and through reflecting on your actions you can gain clarity on the distinction between your ego and intuition. Following your intuition takes courage and it might challenge what you prefer to do. Keep in mind we are all human and sometimes the Ego will get the best of us (me too) – don’t expect yourself to be perfect. Learn from mistakes and keep it moving.


Make decisions based on what your intuition says. Listen to that soft voice within. 

Follow your heart.

Have a great week!