Polly Alexandre is a certified Master Coach, an Intuitive Healer & holds a BA in Psychology. She blends her extensive transformational coaching experience and intuitive healing abilities with 15 years experience as an entrepreneur. Polly overcame decades of self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns about money, to live the life she was always meant to live. After waking up with an idea that wouldn’t stop bothering her, she decided it was not a random event, she grabbed her journal and pen. The message she was getting was that she needed to heal her family lineage patterns around money and that when she did this, she would be able to help others do it as well. Now she travels between Ibiza, London, and LA, helping creative & spiritual entrepreneurs manifest the resources they need so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of – and give their greatest gifts to the world. In this episode, we talk about how she worked really hard to manifest her dreams and then how things fell apart, and through healing her family lineage patterns around money, she is blankable to help others create extraordinary expansion and abundance.

What were your struggles when it came to money?

Every aspect of money was a struggle. Earning it. Managing it. Talking about it. It all got to the point where the young wedding photographer blamed money for all the wrong things that came her way. Polly felt as if her life was controlled by her [lack of] money. Change took place once she left her corporate job. It was when Polly decided that she would become an entrepreneur that she took a serious look at what her talents and skills were worth, and priced her services accordingly. This change in lifestyle forced her to go out and be seen, since she was no longer office-bound.

How did you live your life while having a dysfunctional relationship with money?

Polly was able to distract herself from her money problems by telling herself that she did what she did out of passion and not money. Her unconscious belief was that earning more money equals sacrificing more happiness. This was what made her justify her underearning and mediocre lifestyle. Even at the beginning of her self-employed path, she underpriced herself for the longest time, thinking that this type of sacrifice is what success is made of. In other words, a lot of what Polly endured throughout her dysfunctional days were what she considered fact—that there were certain things regarding money that she just had to live with and had no control over.

When did you realize that change starts with you?

Polly always believed in the power of manifestation. Even as she grew up with the traditional employee paradigm of life, she attracted her way to financial freedom. However, as it always is when one sets a large goal for oneself, Polly’s world seemingly fell apart as soon as she decided she wanted more out of life than what she was given. A failed marriage, a needing to sell her home, and sky-high credit card debt were just three situations that took place in a short period of time, right after Polly decided to become her own boss. At her lowest point, she barely had enough money to put food on the table and to put petrol in her car. With no other place to turn, Polly dropped everything and prayed, leaving everything up to God. Soon after, she found a mentor and built up her business once she finally made the switch to understanding that income is a tool and not an identity. In her words, she went from being a victim to being a creator.

How do money and spirituality relate with one another?

Money and spirituality are not two completely different worlds, contrary to what most people believe. Losing almost everything in her adult life caused Polly to release her attachments to material things and rely on a higher power. Once she accepted that there is a purpose to everything, including the bad times, her spirituality was truly awakened. From that point onwards, whenever her earnings hit a plateau, Polly took that as a sign that she had some growing to do inside. To her, it all starts with changing your unconscious beliefs and opening up your sense of intuition. She looks to methods such as theta healing to achieve this.

What is theta healing?

Theta healing is basically an energy healing modality. It doesn’t involve physical contact, unlike Reiki. Instead, it is a completely dialogue-based modality of healing that focuses on eradicating limiting beliefs. It also doesn’t look at symptoms but at root causes. Polly likens it to a game of Jenga, wherein pulling out the bottommost block topples the entire structure.

What are some signs of a negative mindset towards money?

The first sign, according to Polly, is out-of-control or dysfunctional spending—or emotional spending, whether overspending or underspending. Another sign is that of a yo-yo pattern, wherein your income goes up and down on a regular basis. Yet another is avoiding or denying that you have a money problem—”winging it” or hoping that you continue to have enough money without paying attention to what’s in your wallet or bank account. Being afraid of asking for, or holding onto, money is another sign that can be particularly deadly for a self-employed professional or entrepreneur, particularly when you fear raising your rates, eventually losing money due to inflation.