Sep 28
September 28, 2013

Re-Connect with Your Center

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In today’s world, with so many distractions, you can easily get caught up with your “To Do List” and forget about what’s really important to you.

The busier we become within ourselves the more we lose sight of ourselves…

Here’s the magic trick – Tadasana, a yoga pose that helps you find your focus.

To re-connect with your center, Tadasana (also called Mountain Pose) is an anchor pose that can assist you to return to center again throughout your day.

When Tadasana is performed properly and the mind is focused and free of distraction, the body is experienced as being rooted firmly to the earth and as steady and motionless as a mountain.

The pose helps to create space within the body, improves balance, strengthens the abdomen and legs.

Being grounded in your feet can help you move through life feeling more supported.

And, if you’re too busy to set aside time to practice Tadasana – remember practice is the art of breaking the habits created in a busy life. Find a few moments to pause for a breath.

Yoga practitioners acknowledge Tadasana promotes confidence and happiness.

Re-connect with your center.