Sep 28
September 28, 2013

Results with the 3 R’s

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Change is a common thread that runs through people’s minds. Our brains get hard wired over time and our behaviors and thought patterns become almost impossible to change.

The good news is science has recently proven that the brain can create new wiring.  It is possible to change your habits by shifting your thinking. So you can change any type of habit — you just need a new approach!

Let’s examine these 3 simple steps to achieve new results:

1.     Reflect on the past to understand where you need to make changes and adjustments. What didn’t go the way you wanted it to go? 

2.     Remove negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your potential.Identify what you were thinking prior to the event that didn’t go the way you wanted it to and write them down. For example, “Online dating isn’t for me.”

3.    Replace old ways of doing things with new thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions. What can you do differently? For example, “I am open to opportunities,” and create action steps that will move you closer to your goal (sign up for online dating, make an effort to connect with people at work, apply for a new job, etc). 

From there, you’ll be able to put your goals into actions.

Reflect + Remove + Replace = Results!

Check out this video on Youtube, called “Look What Happens in Your Brain When You Change Your Mind.”

[youtube id=”Nmvk3zlyQ2w”]