Where are you stuck? What’s holding you back?

We have all these reasons why we can’t do the things we can’t do what we want.

blankWe have all these ideas about how we need to be better to have what we want — more education, more experience, the right connections, etc.

But what’s really holding us back is FEAR.

Now, any time you’re feeling stuck you can ask yourself What am I afraid of?

And you can keep asking yourself this question.

We’re afraid if we fail ….that it means we’re not good enough — and if we’re not good enough, we won’t be loved.

Fundamentally this is the thing that we all are afraid of. Every single human being has fear and experiences fear often. But how you manage it is what makes the difference in the results you create. Its what separates those who are being bold — taking action — and intentionally designing their life… from those who are living by default… making all types of decisions and choices from a place of “what if it doesn’t work out…what if I fail?”

But most of the time… if we simplify it — it means something didn’t work out the way we want it to.. or expected it to or imagined it would.

Let me say that again.. something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to or expected it to or imagined it.


And this is where most people stop, quit or give up.

They try something — it doesn’t work out… and they say they failed… and they quit!

We really need to investigate how our minds are working and just see how we are holding ourselves back. And instead, embrace imperfections, stumble along the way, and become more resilient, more confident, more interesting, more brave, and courageous.

Take those steps — send that email, make that phone call… in fact… I want to invite you to expect failure… don’t be so afraid of it… make friend with it… we have become so sensitive… you can handle if someone says NO to you…believe me… you can handle it… LEARN.

If you are learning… you are WINNING.