We all have the ability to be authentic. A lot of the content Rebecca writes comes from her own personal experience including her fears, hopes, and dreams. She is also inspired by her clients and their experience. She thinks that we can all increase the amount of truth we’re willing to tell. read more →

I recently discover Brian through Facebook. I saw a clip from his book, which really spoke to me. I immediately downloaded the book and read it from cover to cover. read more →

Love is our superpower. Love can overcome obstacles. Love can heal. Love can inspire. Love is creative. I want to share with you a meditation + emotional flood exercise. read more →

I think on some level we all can relate to the feeling of holding ourselves back and playing small and in this episode Nadia Finer shares how her breakdown moment became her breakthrough. Nadia s a powerhouse business coach, wickedly funny international speaker and author is here to help you stop playing small and go big. Rather than hide behind her insecurities, she has turned her little voice into her secret weapon and used it to build a unique personal brand. her little voice doesn’t hold me back from helping my clients. It connects me with my clients. I understand what it’s like to battle those nagging self-doubts. And I also know how to overcome them. She now helps struggling business owners all over the world to embrace who they really are, work smart and scale up. read more →

Denis Estimon is the creator of We Dine Together, a program that aims to combat social isolation within schools to make sure no-one has to eat alone. Denis and his family immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti, when he was in the first grade. He faced the challenge of making friends not in only in a new school but in a new culture. read more →

Diana House is a lawyer turned serial entrepreneur who is obsessed with empowering entrepreneurs around their business finances. She has been featured as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Canada by the w100 and also recognized as a top 20 under 40 entrepreneur by Business London.

Diana has built a highly profitable 7 figure company, been on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank), done a successful crowdsourcing campaign and sold two businesses in the e-commerce space. read more →

Gregg Clunis is an entrepreneur and author obsessed with helping people become better versions of themselves. While we receive lots of negative messages In today’s world, some of the positive messages we received are filled with fluff, such as “follow your passion,” or “dream big,” that are supposed to spark change and accomplishments in our lives. But often these ideas aren’t practical and how do you achieve those lofty goals exactly? read more →

Erin Stutland is an author, coach and an entrepreneur who has helped many people connect with their inner self through movement. After years of yo-yo dieting, exercising only for weight loss, and struggling with self-confidence, she longed to figure out how to treat herself with consistent love and respect. Erin was tired of thinking “I wasn’t (fill in the blank)  enough.”  So, she dove deep into studying psychology, spirituality, meditation and more in hopes to change this internal conversation to one that uplifted and inspired her daily. B read more →

Here are the 4 Principles I Want to Teach My Son 1.) You Have the Power to Change Your Thoughts Our thoughts really matter and play a really big role in our behavior. The very classic model of human functioning is thoughts create your feelings which create your behaviors which create your results. So I.. read more →

Scott Nelson is a MedTech enthusiast, ambitious doer, and curious by nature. Scott co-founded Joov, the first professional-grade, full-body red light therapy device designed for convenient, in-home use. As parents we care a lot about the mental health of our kids and teenagers, we don’t want them to make wrong decisions they will regret in the.. read more →