By Katie Stoltz Did you know the average couple spends over $32,000 on their wedding? Here are a few ways to save money quickly while still having your dream day: 1. Save The Dates. They are cute but they really aren’t necessary. Plus, why not save a couple trees? If you really need your guests to.. read more →

By Sarah Bogdanski When it comes to dating, I can think of several times when I lowered my standards. I’d typically do this for one or some of the following reasons: I hadn’t dated anyone in a while (i.e. bored). I didn’t believe I was worthy of what I really wanted. I thought my standards were so.. read more →

By Priscilla Stephen “Pinch me!” This is how I feel every morning when I sip my morning coffee poolside overlooking an endless row of palm trees. Every day I’m in disbelief that I am living my dream life in San Diego, California -a dream I’d hoped to live for seven years; or perhaps you could.. read more →

By Cynthia Belmer Back when I was still in the dating scene many years ago, I had hard time believing that one day I would find the right partner for me and be in a great long-term relationship. When I looked around me, I thought that those who have been together for decades are simply.. read more →

By Caroline Zwick Caroline is a life coach and also the creator of The Busy Girl’s 6-Week Plan To Balance & Fulfillment, which is a course packed with amazing lectures, exercises, and interviews with top experts that will strategically guide you towards taking charge of your life from the inside out.  Coupon Code is: busygirllove ($100 off,.. read more →

By Derneeka Cruse So, you think you’re in love. What does that really mean anyway?  Love is not what is ordinarily understood by the word, and it definitely isn’t what most people think they have created in their microwave relationships.  Yes, I went there, microwave relationships! You know the ones that start on Saturday nights.. read more →

By Maria Brilaki So you think need to exercise 30, 40, or 60 min a day…to be effective, right? Anything less than that wouldn’t make sense. It’s not even worth the trouble. You won’t lose weight, or reach the government requirements for health. So why bother? You choose to do nothing, and keep sitting on the.. read more →

By Alexis Meads One of the main reasons it can be so hard to get over a breakup is that we’re not seeing the reality of it. Chances are you’re remembering the best moments. The first kiss. How they looked at your in that certain way. How in love you were with them. I’ve been there… read more →

Feb 22
February 22, 2014

The Power of Kindness

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A couple of months ago, I attended a workshop on mindfulness conducted by a Buddhist monk at The Kadampa Meditation Center in New York City. He guided meditations and supported them with profound teachings from the Buddha. Topics included being present, kindness and ultimately staying connected to wisdom through mindfulness. He explained that mindfulness is.. read more →

Scientists & researchers around the globe applaud the benefits. Philosophers & spiritual leaders have been promoting it for centuries. It revs up your metabolism, skyrockets your energy, and boosts your self-confidence. And just a little more of it can transform your whole life – in a beautifully positive way. Nope – it’s not a pill,.. read more →