Despite dedicating my profession to encouraging others, I don’t exactly wake up, jump out of bed and feel happy naturally.

My default mode is a slight lean towards negativity. 

I’ve battled negative thoughts: I’m not good at organizing information, I’m not a good writer. 

Just like you, I fear what other people think of me, failing, and putting my work into the world and having it fall flat…  read more →

In the age of social media, we’re constantly seeing what everyone else is doing: traveling the world, speaking on stages, promoting their latest book… 
But the reality is, we’re only seeing a very small snippet of people’s lives. 

The secret to success is what you do in the unseen hours — the reps behind the scenes. 
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I normally don’t share testimonials, but I thought this story might inspire you. 

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in your career and wondering, is it possible to make a change?

I talk to so many people that feel stuck in their career, but have limiting beliefs that block them, such as, “In order to make a career change, I will have to start over or take less money.” read more →

I struggled with romantic relationships most of my life. In high school, I had an over-protective brother who scared boys away, and the guys I liked in college never seemed to like me back—or vice versa. read more →

You may be a bit taken aback by this title. You may even be wondering, Why is an experienced life coach telling me that I can do this whole thing on my own? First off, to clarify, that is not what I’m saying. At all. As someone who has been life coaching NYC clients for years, I can confidently say that life coaches can be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. However, I also honestly believe that we as people have more power than we think. read more →

Last month, I had a call with someone—let’s call her Leslie—who filled out the contact form on my website. She asked to meet on Skype, so I knew she wasn’t in the U.S. As soon as we jumped on the call, I learned that she was from Malaysia, somewhere I had never been, and she said she found me through my podcast with Bre, a woman who was feeling stuck in a job she didn’t like and ultimately became a makeup artist. This resonated with Leslie. read more →

Life coaching? Oh, it’s merely for artisans or for people who fancy spiritual stuff. Plenty of people still think that life coaching is a buzzword or it’s a woo-woo thing. Just like a bird hovers in mid-air, your brain cells stop functioning for a moment when the rumors play a jig-saw puzzle with you. You include your own assumptions and try to fill in the empty spaces. The result of which comes out in the form of myths that share no relationship with the facts. read more →

December is the month of the balance sheets and January the month of the new goals. Start the year with motivation to achieve the objectives is easy, the difficult thing is to maintain that spirit the rest of the months. Get more exercise, drink more water, buy a car, remodel, reduce stress or go on a trip and what not? The life coaching experience allows you to reflect deeply on your professional future, leadership and maximizing your potential. You learn the basic skills of the coaching conversation. read more →

Sep 10
September 10, 2018

9 Signs You’re Overthinking

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Overthinking: do you ever feel consumed by the voice in your head? It can grip you and have you feeling like you are spiraling out of control with your thoughts… Here are 9 ways overthinking shows up: Questioning or doubting yourself “Did I make the right choice? What if I make the wrong decision?” Fear.. read more →

Sep 26
September 26, 2017

What Successful Entrepreneurs Do


I’ve noticed a trend similar in the most successful entrepreneurs. Howard Schultz the creator of Starbucks Sara Blakely the creator of Spanx Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook None of them had a prior experience in the field the became successful in. None of them had a business background or degree. If you’ve been held.. read more →